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Thursday, 1 December 2011


hello again! today, i'm going to make a summary about this hackers. we can say that :

  • Security is critical across sectors and industries

  • Ethical hacking is a methodology to simulate a malicious attack without causing damage

  • Hacking involves five distinct phases

  • Security evaluation includes preparation, conduct, and evaluation phases

  • Cyber crime can be differentiated into two categories

Steve Jobs

After the cancer sickness of Steve Jobs who assumed the biggest part of today's Apple is to move forward, but he went out of business. It is a big discussion subject : Who will replace to Steve Jobs for the place of finance and technology world ?

It has been forward putted that the creative side of Apple who revolutionize to the music,smart phone and tablet world after it released iPod, iPhone and iPad will become thin afterSteve Jobs went out of business. Even Steve Jobs tells Tim Cook contributed a big effect foriPhone and iPad, industry agreed for the sight of  these products quickened thru Steve Jobs.

After Steve Jobs resigned from the company the authorized manager of Apple told that” Apple will continue to be a shiny company” with one voice.

This five who have got a big role with Steve Jobs to be a valuablist company of the world with 350 billion dollars market value after petrol company Exxon open for 141 years, will carry to a big load on them.

Peter Oppenheimer who is at the head of finance joined at 1996 to technology giant. He officiated CEO mission of different companies by this time. He sat on to the seat of technology market  again by Apple and he was with Tim Cook about the design and technology subject alongside finance. He supported  Tim Cook to be a CEO.